Tattoo Butter Care and Lotion Aftercare. We have created a tattoo butter for applying the tattoo and a lotion for aftercare and healing

making Vibrant tattoos and nourishing the skin for a healthy look

Tattoo Butter

when we began formulating our own tattoo butter and lotion products we were very demanding in what we wanted. We envisaged something very special for our professional tattooists and clients that actually works. After much research and testing we found what we were looking for and still fine tuning on every batch we produce.

Our two care system provides very special care before, during and after tattooing. It is used by professional and student tattooists as a skin lubricant before and during the tattooing and by the clients for effective tattoo aftercare.

We started with the help of our Sak Yant Thai Tattoo Masters and thier past masters, who have been using Coconut oil for over 3000 plus years. It’s superior properties to aid ink flow into the skin, protect the skin and condition the skin for healing. It has a very long proven history and works.

Their are so many new products on the market. Which our Masters have tried many but always go back to proven Coconut oil. So we made our products based on this and worked with our hand poked tattoo masters and also our machine tattooist to formulate our products.

We advise tattooist to use our Tattoo Butter for at least one month to adapt a technique. Then you will see how good this is.

Tattoo Essence Butter Properties

*Vegan Friendly, with all natural ingredients, no preservatives, no parabens, no dyes and no synthetic chemicals.

*Cruelty free, it has not been tested on animals.

*It contains no alcohol.

*Benefits of our exclusive Tattoo Butter:-

*It promotes superior levels of healing.

*It protects and cherishes the skin, and is deeply nourishing and hydrating for a long  period of time.

*It is easy to apply, it is easily absorbed  and it is non greasy.

*There is no water to evaporate so moisture is sealed deeply in the skin.

*It reduces soreness, inflammation, redness, scabbing and itching.

*It does not clog pores and does not prevent the skin from breathing.

*It does not pull ink from new tattoos.

*It does not trap germs and dirt as some petroleum based tattoo products do.

It can be used anywhere on the body for dryness, cracked skin, scrapes, grazes and skin damage caused by sun, wind, air conditioning, age or external irritants.

It can also be used on old scars and stretch marks to condition skin and aid in the repair of them at a cellular level.

Tattoo Essence Butter Ingredients

Tattoo Coconut oil.

Coconut oil contains medium chain fatty acids which enable it to keep skin smooth and retain moisture. The natural fats in coconut oil eliminate moisture loss through the pores of the skin. The Capric, Lauric and Capryllic fatty acids in it are antimicrobial and disinfectant, giving protection to fresh tattoos and wounds. They also aid in the repair of damaged skin. Coconut oil can help prevent premature ageing of skin and wrinkling.

Tattoo Aloe

Aloe is a natural plant, which has antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties. It relieves pain and itching and delivers moisture deep into the skin. It allows the skin to breathe and it is a topical treatment for damaged skin. It is safe and effective as has been proved over years of use in hospitals to treat burns victims.

Tattoo Shea Butter

Shea butter is one of nature’s best kept secrets. It contains vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. It has been used for centuries as a beauty and healing aid. It naturally contains vitamins A and E, which are both essential for maintaining the health, suppleness and elasticity of skin. It is a natural anti inflammatory which heals, soothes and  rejuvenates the skin. It can also be used for numerous other things such as insect bites, scrapes and cuts

Tattoo Olive Butter

Olive butter is a natural bi product of olive oil. It is a skin emulsifier that helps reduce water loss from the skin. It is by nature hypoallergenic in nature and it is a deep moisturizer which promotes the retention of water in the skin.

Tattoo Panthanol

Panthanol is a provitamin of B5, dervived from Pantothenic acid. It is used as a moisturizer and wound healer. It reduces swelling and soreness, itchiness and inflammation. It binds water in the skin and holds it there.

Professional and Master Artists that use Tattoo Essence Butter




Pictures of Tattoos done with Tattoo Butter


I got my first tube of tattoo essence aftercare lotion a short time after having the sak yant hand poke bamboo style tattoo on my left forearm. I had a few difficulties after the tattoo was completed. I proved to have a sensitivity to the medical skin dressing that was applied to my arm to protect it and promote healing. The skin around and under the new tattoo was red and inflamed and felt like it was burning, and I had to have the medical skin dressing removed. I then started applying the tattoo essence aftercare lotion and it began to start healing. The redness disappeared within a day, the burning sensation ceased and the soreness went. The tattoo was fully healed within a week of starting the tattoo essence aftercare lotion application. It has remained vibrant and clear and the skin has fully recovered from the reaction to the dressing. I was eager to use it again after my fifth and final sak yant tattoo, which was a large tiger on my left shoulder. This time no medical dressing was applied. It healed very quickly with no dryness, scabbing or itching. Just by chance I discovered that the tattoo essence aftercare lotion is also a fabulous moisturizer as well. I applied a little to my face and neck before boarding a seven hour flight. My skin did not dehydrate in the cabin like it usually does and my skin remained moist and soft through a second flight of six hours.Janet Darbey
When my tattooist told me about this product I thought it was because he just wanted to sell it to me. When I tried it, it lived up to every thing he said and more besides, Great stuff.Geoff
I was pleased when I noticed my tattoo artist was not using the Vaseline like they used before. I was delighted to learn that the products are all natural and are not tested on animals as I am a great animal rights supporter.Janice
I was given a sample of this to try as a regular customer of the tattoo studio. I was surprised how good it was at doing what it claims. My tattoos look vibrant, even the ones that I thought had faded over the years. Even better is the fact that It is reasonably priced. I can continue to use it to keep my tattoos in tip top condition. After all, they cost me a lot of money in the first place, I might as well look after them.Allan C
I work as cabin crew and the dry air in the cabin really dries out my skin. I don’t have the time to reapply any make up or moisturiser during the flight, I am too busy to do that. I use a little of this before I put on my make up for work and it keeps my skin moist and looking good for the whole flight, even on long haul flights. I think they should give a sample of it to every passenger to try, but that would let out my little secret.Betty

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